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What Are the Best Software Developers of Online Casino Games

A few years back, there were a handful of companies that were considered to be the leading developers of online casino games in the industry; however, things have significantly changed today. Many newly emerging companies have managed to make a name for themselves by delivering products that not only rival those of the industry leaders, but software that completely sets a new standard of how online casino games are being made and played. We have presented to you a number of software providers that have proven themselves to this day, to be the most preferred creators and suppliers of casino gaming software to operators worldwide.

NetEnt Is the Biggest in the Game

An incredible industry veteran, NetEnt is a company that started producing games in the year it was established – 1996. The interesting fact is that the company began to develop its casino titles even before the first online gambling venue was launched in the year 2000 – giving NetEnt a significant head start in front of its competition. Today this developer boasts more than 700 online casino titles in its gaming portfolio, delivering high-quality slots, video poker, and table games. With the emergence of new development technologies, NetEnt managed to re-introduce its earliest games from the day it had started, providing online operators with a “legacy collection” for those players that enjoy the retro style of the first online games.

Playtech Brings Mainstream Trends to the Online Gambling Scene

This software developer comes second to NetEnt, but it does so very closely. Playtech provides some of the best-known slots in the iGaming world, and in addition to offering a roster of original games, this developer is known to produce a variety of slots that feature popular licensed franchises, such as DC Comics, Warner Brothers, etc. With more than two decades of industry experience, Playtech continues to remain as one of the best developers and providers of online casino gaming software.

Evolution Gaming – Still the Best in Its Field

Hands down, ever since Evolution Gaming started offering its live dealer software solutions to online casino operators everywhere, no one has even been able to even remotely match the quality of this developer’s live dealer services. Since the company was established in 2006, they have been held in the highest regard by the iGaming industry as a whole; today, Evolution Gaming still remains as the most trusted live dealer games developer and provider in the world. Naturally, the company itself is determined to exceed the expectations of its customers while retaining is good reputation – this is why Evolution’s name is connected only to the best online casinos out there.

what is rtp (return to player)

Microgaming – A Record Holder

This casino software developer is known to have produced the first online casino software in the world, way back in 1994! A huge claim, which wouldn’t be taken seriously if the developer didn’t come into the industry spotlight through one of its games, the popular slot “Mega Moolah.” In fact, it was in 2015 when the slot paid out the largest jackpot in the world, which was more than $15,000,000! The event itself was approved by and added to the Guinness World Records. This is the second Guinness record for Microgaming, as it beat their previous record of approximately $6,000,000. As you would imagine, a software developer with such a reputation would stand out with the quality of its games and services.

There Are New Online Casino Game Makers on the Rise

It is an all-known fact that the iGaming industry has become somewhat old now, and as good as the original online casino developers are, the players crave innovation and change. Developers such as EvoPlay have decided to break the “status quo” by “reinventing” slot games through hybridizing them with genres taken from PC games and achieving something new in the process. The use of modern technology allows the best companies to expand in terms of quality and functionality, but that’s not all – we live in a mobile world, and online casino developers know that. Every day, new software creation companies are trying to beat the competition by bettering themselves even further. We won’t be surprised if new game developers enter the market and soon become number one themselves! Of course if they use the best casino betting strategies it's not impossible.