Online Casino Strategy Guide – Which One Is the Best?

the martingale system of betting

Every online casino player wants to increase their chances of winning. Because of that, people of different fields (mainly mathematics) have thought up a bunch of systems and theories meant to create a positive outcome for a player’s bankroll. Note that no matter what the strategy is, it will not affect the result of a game, but whether you’ve made the right bet. Today, we will discuss the most popular online casino strategies used today.

The Martingale System

Perhaps the most popular strategy on the list, the Martingale, was created in France in the 18th century. It is a betting strategy that became popular for its ease of use, and theoretical success. Essentially, the Martingale states that if a player places a bet and loses it, their next wager will have to be double that bet. Once a player has won their “doubled bet,” they essentially break-even, and be able to continue playing by retaining any winnings they have sustained.

Although in its essence, the Martingale would allow a player with an “infinite bankroll” to come on top always, the strategy is less than perfect mainly because of the fact that for it to work perfectly, the casino game in question can’t have any betting limits; however, the reality in the gambling world is different. A system flawed by the limitation of the games themselves and the player’s budget, the Martingale continues to be used by many players of Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette, even to this day.

labouchere system of betting

The Labouchere Strategy

Considered as the “reverse Martingale,” the Labouchere system is one that promotes the upward progression of the “winnings” rather than the losses. A unique trait of the Labouchere is that players need to set short winning goals by planning the number and amount of wagers they are going to place in advance – this is called “creating a bet-string.”

Usually, the bet string’s progression consists of one or two small initial bets, then one or two wagers that are double the value and ends with one or two smaller wagers. Although the Labouchere appears to be a system that provides a “maximum gain” over the course of a few bets, one of the significant downsides of it is that players will be required to make some big bets, even if they are about to lose. Just like the Martingale, the Labouchere is favored among card games and roulette players.

Managing Your Loses and Winnings Better

The truth is that no matter what type of strategy is implemented, a player can only do so much, as any system is meant to provide better bet management, not influence the outcome of a game. The methods mentioned above are often modified, reversed, and combined with each other to give better results and minimize their inherent drawbacks, but so far, the casino’s house edge always proves to be in control in at the end.

Although 99% most of the online casino games operate on pure luck, the presence of a strategy gives the player self-control, focus, and a more adequate sense of managing one’s bets. They always say that professional gamblers consider online casino games to be a “marathon, not a sprint,” and in the end, the best strategy in the world would be the setting personal limits to both your budget and gaming sessions. If you’re eager to try any of the systems we’ve described, we recommend that you do so in an online casino that offers free games with wider betting limits. Perhaps you have lost then you should find a way to take back a part of the money.

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Oscar’s grid system of betting

Oscar’s Grind

This progression strategy is exceptionally popular with the Roulette crowd. It details the placing of a single bet, which is increased by one unit every time a player scores a win! Although somewhat “slower” than other progression bets, it seems to be the most appropriate one when it comes to “staying away” from the top betting limit. The reason why roulette players like it because its benefit lies in the fact that it is a “slow system” – reaching the maximum table limit of the specific game will take a lot more time and wagers. The same drawbacks are present here as those in the other progression systems – the player will either hit the top wager limit of the table or run out of money.