Where to Find the Slots with the Highest RTP?

RTP is the theoretical “return to player” rate that almost all online casino games possess. It basically means that if a player puts a specific amount of money, the RTP will show “theoretically” how much money they would get back in clean play (without activating any special features, bonuses, etc.). Naturally, people wish to play in online casinos that offer slots with the best RTP rates. It is noteworthy to mention that although the developers of online casino games are the ones that set the RTP of their games, it’s not uncommon for operators that buy the license for those games to request a slight variation of the default RTP. Today, we take a look at some of the slot games with the best RTP rate – and where to find them.

ugga bugga by playtech

Ugga Bugga by Playtech

Offered in online gambling venues such as “casino.com,” Ugga Bugga is a slot game that was released way back in 2006. Although this game is considered to be quite “outdated” by industry standards, it has an RTP of 99.07%, which is why we have placed it in the first place of our list, and why many online casino members choose to play it to this day.

BGO Casino Offers Rainbow Riches Pick ‘N’ Mix

Created by the developer studio Barcrest, this slot game is the second installment in the “Rainbow Riches” series and has an up to 98% RTP rate. We say “up to” because the slot’s bonus features and free spins will modify the RTP. Although Pick ‘N’ Mix has a dynamic RTP, it is still considered to be one of the highest-paying slots online.

labouchere system of betting

Guts Casino Has the Mega Joker

Considered to be one of the most famous slots online, Mega Joker has an RTP of 99%! This amazing slot was made by the renowned company NetEnt and is available to play in Guts Casino and a number of other online venues. What is important to remember, is that this RTP is based on one of the bonus features within the slot, and not the actual base play, which has an RTP of approximately 85%. The reason we have included this slot is that although the base RTP is relatively low, it is a “Progressive” game, which provides players with the incredible chance of scoring an amazing jackpot.

Experience “Dead or Alive” in Play OJO Casino

One of the most percentage-realistic slots out there is “Dead or Alive,” developed by none other than NetEnt. Found in Play OJO casino and many other gambling venues, this slot has a reported RTP rate of 96.8%, which makes it one of the most desired slot games online. Another high-profile online casino where people can experience this phenomenal slot is 888 Casino.

Managing Your Loses and Winnings Better

The truth is that no matter what type of strategy is implemented, a player can only do so much, as any system is meant to provide better bet management, not influence the outcome of a game. The methods mentioned above are often modified, reversed, and combined with each other to give better results and minimize their inherent drawbacks, but so far, the casino’s house edge always proves to be in control in at the end. You can always find a way to stop your losses and double your wins!

Although 99% most of the online casino games operate on pure luck, the presence of a strategy gives the player self-control, focus, and a more adequate sense of managing one’s bets. They always say that professional gamblers consider online casino games to be a “marathon, not a sprint,” and in the end, the best strategy in the world would be the setting personal limits to both your budget and gaming sessions. If you’re eager to try any of the systems we’ve described, we recommend that you do so in an online casino that offers free games with wider betting limits.

manage your loses on online bets

Volt Casino Houses the “Blood Suckers 2"

The second installment in Microgaming’s “Blood Suckers” series, comes with a solid RTP of 98%. Offered in Volt Casino and in many other popular online gambling venues, this slot is a solid choice when it comes to playing with real money. Bear in mind that this high RTP comes with a single drawback – any gaming on it will not count to the completion of any bonus wagering requirements.

Learn More About the Games

It’s not uncommon for the best RTP games out there to be offered in a variety of online casinos. The important thing to do before playing any of them for real money is to learn all of their different features and see if those will affect the base RTP of the games themselves. One of the best things about those high-RTP slots? You can try them out for free in most venues!